• 22-23 July 2016
  • Wrocław, Between Bridges

Sparkling (New world)

Wines originating from California, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand or Australia do not appear so frequently on our store shelves, yet it does not mean that wine-makers from those parts of the world do not know how to produce them. The situation is quite the opposite.

In the new world, where the weather causes strong thirst among locals and tourists, there is a great demand for consumption and production of sparkling wines. Two methods of production are naturally permissible (classic and Charmat). The law does not regulate the maturation period and the majority of sparkling wines are ready for drinking immediately after the end of the production process.

In the case of American wines, production is concentrated along the valley of the Russian River and at the Sonoma coast, where wonderful sparkling wines of the Chardonnay and Riesling varieties are produced.

On the other hand, Australia is famous for production of red sparkling wines of the Shiraz variety, often with aromas of chocolate and cherries, full and heavy.

In Chile, sparkling wines have been produced since 1879, most often with the use of the Champagne method, from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir varieties.