• 22-23 July 2016
  • Wrocław, Between Bridges

About the Festival

22-23 July 2016 in Wrocław,

She loves champagne, he loves Prosecco, they love Cava, and I LOVE BUBBLES. How about you?
Between Bridgesat the bank of the River Oder,

with a view to the River and on the River.

“I Love Bubbles” is the only event in Europe fully dedicated to sparkling wines. It is prepared for lovers, fans and also sceptics of sparkling wine. Bubbles is our passion; education and promoting good drinking culture is our mission. The “I Love Bubbles” Festival is an exclusive and educational event, with a sense of humour and a slight distance to the reality; it creates a friendly environment for an easy-going dialogue between manufacturers, distributors and brand ambassadors.

Together with the bubbles, we have prepared:

  • Gatsby-style cocktail party;
  • Seminars, food pairing;
  • Tasting dinners with commentaries provided by the Ambassadors of Champagne Houses;
  • Training sessions and education for those who are no longer satisfied just with tasting;
  • Exclusive motor yachts for “champagne” cruises along the Oder;
  • A large stage with performances given by outstanding artists;
  • Championship of sparkling and champagne sommeliers;
  • Champagne cocktail championship for bar-tenders;
  • Lady’s Choice – blind testing by Matias Glusman

An exceptional place for exceptional people accompanied by exceptional wine.

“I Love Bubbles”:  the only such FESTIVAL in this part of the world for lovers, fans and sceptics of sparkling wine.